Here at The Farming Coach we work with farmers and their families, helping them build a profitable sustainable business  that allows them choice to enjoy life and their families.



Chris Morrison is an author and his latest release is Thrive - How to succeed as a young aspiring farmer. Thrive provides the framework to turn your passion for farming into a thriving business.


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The Farming Coach business has been working with farming couples, families and individuals to create strong, viable farming businesses for the past 15 years. We realise that 'Farmers' are not all equal in their ability to farm and run a business. We only choose to work with open minded people who aspire to be successful in their chosen field. We support, push and cajole you to achieve outstanding results in a chosen time frame. Our collaboration with you will lead to improved behaviours, stronger communication and a clear vision of what results you want. Be prepared to be told things that others wont tell you, because they love you too much. Our intention is to be effective and to get the best result that might require some personal pain and discomfort. As we work on you and your business you will learn new things about yourself and your current and future business options. We have been doing this long enough to know it works for anyone who is prepared to invest in themselves.

"Changing your behaviour is simple but not easy" Marshall Goldsmith


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