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the things within your lifetime that have stolen away your confidence simply because you were fearful that something bad might happen in the near or distant future? What is the source of this fear or anxiety that is so common?

When things are going really well, do you think, ‘this can’t last forever?’ and worry about the next negative thing that is likely to happen?

All your choices are made consciously or unconsciously. You get to choose your focus and your thoughts. You can be optimistic or pessimistic – remember, it is what decisions you choose that influence the results you are getting.

It looks like this:

You can look at this system either up/down, forward, or backwards.

The essence is that if you are getting undesirable results, you can check whether your actions, behaviours, decisions, thinking or initial ideas were good enough.

Each layer of this process will influence the quality of your results and outcomes.

If you don’t like your results, you can change your mind. It's okay to quit when something is not working the way you envisaged

In farming, your actions and behaviours have been founded on the beliefs of others. People in your life have influenced your values, beliefs, and choices. In turn, these things are contributing to your results. Not everybody shares the same opinion. Yet people are very protective of their beliefs and options once established. Often, they find it difficult to change their mind. Change is the only constant in business. Without change, it is difficult to progress and improve.

You are driven by your desire to get better results. This implies improving, trying new things, and changing the way you do things.

I want to challenge you to review your values and beliefs to check if they are holding you back from achieving your desired outcomes.

Planning and designing your business and knowing that your values and beliefs are in sync is imperative to be self-fulfilled in what you do.

Check in and see if you are still engaged and passionate about what you have chosen to do for work and how you live your life.

Change is possible, and it comes from within. It is normally triggered by negative results and a level of dissatisfaction with the work you are doing.

Ask for help to confirm you are on track or to support you in making the desired change.

It’s your choice!

It’s your truth!

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